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An email beckons, like a phone call once beckoned.  A world lost—abandoned—has been found.  The new century stretches its gnarled fingers skyward and yawns itself awake.   It’s tin roof hot; water beads on the glass.  “Listen,” Adam said.  And remember: nothing can destroy. -MSS


Assembled in 2011, Minneapolis rock trio Sleep Study has lived up to the high expectations of their dedicated followers and the media. The band has tackled the near impossible task of being relevant while nodding to heroes of rock’s past. After signing with Simon Recordings, their debut album Nothing Can Destroy was officially released in August of 2012, earning glowing national reviews.


At the close of 2014, the members of Sleep Study were being dropped off, one by one, in the middle of a cold December night after having driven four hours back to Minneapolis from Des Moines in an unheated van. Wrapping up two years and countless hours on the road, the band, who had just completed recording and mixing their second full length album, quietly nodded to each other as they exited the vehicle. The plan was to take a short break for the holidays and return to their heavy gigging schedule. However, the phone calls and text messages between band members, booking agent, and record label became infrequent. That 2nd album withered on the shelf as the band played select local shows while each member dug in to other musical projects.


After the 2016 election, Ryan Paul Plewacki was motivated to write again. The band resumed talks with Simon Recordings in 2018 about finally releasing their sophomore album but wanted to take another crack at it. Plewacki, Justin Hartke, and Michael Gunvalson spent a hurried weekend tracking with engineer Bryan Hanna and Plewacki finished the project in his home studio.  Time for another?



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Photo Asset Sleep Study Nothing Can Dest
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