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And the Professors

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While some may call And The Professors an orchestral rock or chamber pop project, it grows from the fertile soil of an American music that draws inspiration from the past while diving headlong into the future—sharing DNA with Charles Ives, George Gershwin, Randy Newman, Judee Sill, Beck and My Brightest Diamond’s Shara Worden. Our Postmortem caps a three-year collaboration among members of The Honeydogs, Brother Ali, Chastity Brown, Heiruspecs, Dessa and the Minnesota Opera with arrangements from Hollywood composer/arranger Robert Elhai (The Sixth Sense, Batman and The Lion King), composer/arranger Adi Yeshaya (Burt Bacharach, Prince and Aretha Franklin), and composer/arranger Victor Zupanc  (music director for the Children’s Theater Company of Minneapolis).  Rife with first person lyrics that explore relationships while hinting at larger observations about history and our public world Our Postmortem combines contemporary instrumentation with occasional lush 60’s and 70’s pop arrangements, a bit of dissonance and electric noise with acoustic, symphonic and pastoral moments into a cinematic, thought-provoking and mood-altering collection of timeless songs.


He dreams in rivers and Great Plains,

Mud-caked fields and eternally cool lakes.


But what can be brought forth from wood and wire?

Bleached prairie grass, moving air--an unanswered question.


From particulars, they start, applying electricity to ingenuity;

To a general proposition: consciousness lives on.




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